• Invest time into yourself

    to FREE your Warrior Spirit.

    Practice body & Mind

  • contemplate

    Prepare to die today

    to live conscious today


    The Power of NOW

    through the Sword


    The Power of NOW

    into your daily life


    The Art of the Sword



    The Spirit of the Sword

  • online courses

    S P I R I T & A R T of the S W O R D

    Training System

    for YOU

    @ home

    Beginner Course

    for Individuals

    39 Lectures

    Samurai Sword WORKOUT

    Fitness for Body & Soul


    Sword Fight 8

    24 lectures

    Coming soon @ BitDegree Academy - Preview video





    Sword Combat

    Course 1

    for Couples

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    Sword Fight 3

    25 Lectures

    Coming soon @ BitDegree Academy - Preview video





    روح و فن السيف - كورس للمبتدئن

    مترجم للغة العربية

    Spiritual Warrior Meditation

    5 Meditations

  • Sensei Klaus J.R.

    You are ready to invest time into YOUR spiritual and physical development on a daily basis.

    With practicing the ART & SPIRIT of the SWORD

    you will free the warrior inside yourself

    and walk the path of life

    with a conscious awareness..

  • The essence of the sas training system

    Free your warrior spirit with Love & Peace ... and daily training.

  • The Way is in Training

    Katana Practice

    If you want to be good in a skill you have to practice, practice, practice, until you get it right ... Bruce Lee




    Introduction Shadow Sword Fight 2

    35 lectures to cut down your ghosts





    Beginner Course Introduction

    Change your lifestyle ... and free the warrior inside You





    Spiritual Warrior Meditation

    Change your lifestyle ... and free the warrior inside You



  • FREE your warrior

  • Book of the 5 rings

    "Miyamoto Musashi" 1645

    1. Do not think dishonestly


    2. The Way is in Training


    3. Become familiar with Art and Science


    4. Understand Harm and Benefit in actions


    5. Perceive things which cannot be seen


    6. Pay attention even to small details


    7. Do Nothing which is of NO Use

    This Book will nourish your Warrior Spirit